The philosophical bear has been hibernating for most of the winter months for which he apologises. However a bear has gotta sleep, especially one with a mind full of infinite wisdom. He wishes to assure readers that he has almost woken up and very shortly will begin creating and reviewing content for your pleasure.

Unconfirmed PBear sighting in July 2012. Still yet to be confirmed if this is actually him.

Unconfirmed PBear sighting in July 2012. Still yet to be confirmed if this is actually him.

Since it is the start of the calendar year I have decided to journey north and speak to his oracleness in order to gauge his advice. Here is what he had to say about having a successful 2013:

1)      All swearwords should be replaced with the word “pyjamas”.

2)      All clouds should be redirected to the north and south poles.

3)      Usain Bolt should slow down and give others a chance.

4)      Omega-3 intake needs to improve.

5)      Voluntary redistribution of wealth should be obligatory.

6)      Bees need to privatise their honey-making operation.

And here is what he predicted:

1)      A return to board-games, radio-controlled vehicles and retro 2D computer games.

2)      An anomalous rise in oatcake consumption.

3)      The United States government will provide a humorous smokescreen to their intentions to build a Death Star by 2016.

4)      The European Union will get even bigger.

5)      Summer will continue to be dominated by sport, inclement weather and an uneasy expectation of things to come.

6)      In light of climate change, polar bears and penguins will negotiate a truce and co-habitat in Antarctica.

So there you are – remember you heard it here first. Also, The Philosophical Bear would like to thank his readers for their loyal support. 2012 saw visitors from 76 countries in all, which probably makes him the most internationally successful blogging bear (amongst humans) in the 21st century.

Be safe and enjoy 2013!

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