Part 3 – KOLAŠIN

Alexandra Sexton completes the Montenegrin Adventures with her account of Part 3. Click on the link below to read the full story:


Since she has done such a wonderful job of writing about our experiences, all that is left for me to do is post  a few left over photos for your pleasure, as well as two videos of the mountain scenery. Thank you for reading!

The marina in Kotor is host to a number of luxury yachts

One of the many precious documents from the Maritime Museum in Kotor

We were lucky enough to catch Kotor in the middle of a culture festival. The streets were buzzing with atmosphere and excitement.

The amazing honey farmer Velibor Scepanovic (and family) who was kind enough to invite us onto his farm and ply us with a number of consumable honey products.

This guy was the laziest moth we had ever encountered. Literally didn’t move further than 10 centimetres over the four days we were in Kolasin. I took the opportunity to capatlise on his lethargy by shining a torch in his face. Not sure he appreciated it but it made a nice picture anyway

Some roses hanging off a balcony in Kotor

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