Interview with a cartoon hero: Popeye

Sixty seconds with Popeye

Popeye would like readers to know that he sources his spinach in a sustainable manner.

Interviewer: So Popeye, when did you first become addicted to spinach?

Popeye: When I first realised it provided steroid enhancing muscle growth.

Interviewer: Is this something particular to you? Because I eat a lot of spinach and nothing happens.

Popeye: Maybe my body has a particular susceptibility to spinach enhancement. But I still think it can help normal people.

Interviewer: Do you think your tendency to end up in tricky situations that require a feat of superhuman strength propagated your addiction?

Popeye: Without a doubt.

Interviewer: You speak very well. Yet in the cartoons you sound Polish. What’s up with all the consonants?

Popeye: That’s what happens when you have a pipe stuck in your mouth permanently.

Interviewer: I see. You certainly have a unique look. Why are your biceps located below your elbow?

Popeye: Years of hard manual labour gives you very strong wrists.

Interviewer: Have you ever heard of a can opener?

Popeye: No. What’s that?

Interviewer: It’s a device for opening cans.

Popeye: I’m too tough to carry a can opener.

Interviewer: Are your spinach cans disposed of in an environmentally sustainable manner?


Interviewer: Are you sure? Because you always seem to chuck them over your shoulder without looking.

Popeye: There’s a recycle bin behind me. You just can’t see it.

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